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8 Things To Do During the Coronavirus

Don't worry about it, pray about it. God is bigger than the coronavirus. Don't be afraid —Joshua 1:9

Words from Pastor Luis

In order to minimize the risk of illness and protect those who are entrusted to us, all events are canceled for the next three Sundays. This season will be challenging for all of us, affording us the opportunity to grow in trust and dependence on God. Consider creative ways to love those near and far. Pines Baptist is not responding out of fear, but out of concern for the well-being of its members and regular attenders.

This is not a time of ‘social distancing’—it is a time of ‘physical distancing.’ We don’t have to stop doing any of these things and we will not stop being the church during this time.

With that in mind, here are eight activities that can help you make the most of this God-ordained time:

1. Pray—Take time to cast your every burden on the Lord every morning and throughout the day. Parents, take time to pray with your children and to spend time with them around the Word of God each day. Pray for your pastor. Pray for your boss or co-workers. We can worry, or we can pray.

2. Help—Help a senior or a widow. Perhaps this means just dropping something at their doorstep, perhaps writing a note or a card. All of us should jump in to help those who have special underlying needs at this time. Please do not hesitate to give the church a call and let us know if you have a need.

3. Read—If you’re quarantined or otherwise spending more time at home, this is an excellent opportunity to enrich your life through reading.

4. Love—Love your family. Be kind to your neighbors. Encourage your coworkers. Reach out to your friends.

5. Worship—Most churches are finding creative ways to assemble through live stream venues or smaller gatherings. (Pines Baptist will be doing services via Facebook Live at 10:30am Although your church’s normal schedule or meeting location may be disrupted, make worship with your church family a priority.

6. Continue—The local church is so much more than just an assembly (although it does include assembling). But even when assembly times are unusual, you can still participate as part of Christ’s local church body as you pray, serve, give, and reach out to others.

7. Plant—A time like this is an opportunity to plant seeds. Just as many of us will plant seeds in a garden in the upcoming weeks, fully expecting a harvest later, so we can use this unusual season to plant seeds of prayer and kindness. Be sure you’re using this time to sow, because God will bless faithful labor for Him. “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”—Galatians 6:9

8. Give - Be faithful to give the tithe and missions giving. We realize that incomes may fluctuate through this crisis, but God is still able to provide for our needs.

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